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We are working with community corrections advisory boards and others to ensure the availability of alternatives to incarceration for youthful offenders, substance abusers, and other persons whose circumstances cannot be effectively addressed in prison. The best way to eliminate over-­incarceration is to avoid the imprisonment of people who don’t belong in prison. Diversion programs can provide positive alternatives to direct involvement with the court system. 


We engage police administrators in discussions about the best practices for law enforcement professionals committed to fair and just policing. We advocate the establishment of restorative justice programs in criminal courts that can make possible the diversion of offenders from incarceration, and also prevent recidivism.


Director Heidi Washington has announced that she will be hiring four new parole agents who will be assigned the task of reviewing Pre-sentence Investigation Reports (PSIs) to ensure that alternative programming is used when appropriate and available. They will be looking at programs in the area, not just in the county where the person is being sentenced.

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